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What our Customers think about us...

Please find hereafter a handful of spontaneous comments from some of our customers in the US and Australia. We also have some others available from the UK, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Egypt, Belgium, Holland, India and other countries (including Eastern Europe)

Our customer’s perceptions are valuable indicators about the quality of our involvement with them, and help us adjusting our policy and strategies.


From Alandra Rayner & Peter Kermeci

Hi Gabriele & Willy

Well, we're back in Queensland after a marathon drive (1453 kilometers from Wagga Wagga) and after a big sleep last night we are feeling great and also very blessed that we were able to attend your seminar. We mentioned to Gabriella that we felt privileged to be present and able to share in your knowledge which you shared openly and warmly.

We also felt it refreshing to learn more of the scientific side. We found it refreshing that your focus was on the practical side. When are you guys returning to Australia? We would love to see you again and will certainly attend any of the seminars that you present. Please add us to your mailing list and include us in your mailouts re courses.

Gabriele and Willy it was an absolute delight meeting you both and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. We trust you will enjoy the remainder of your stay in Australia and have a safe and happy journey to Melbourne. Alandra & Peter

From Rice grower Bill Barnhill

Dear Willy and Gabriele,

Due to a lack of internet service I have been asked by Bill, the organic rice grower, to pass on to you his gratitude for an "extremely interesting and eye opening" presentation. He said that although he has been farming for many years he had no previous knowledge of most of the material you covered, but with your wonderful presentation of these totally new concepts (to him) he was able to understand most of it and definitely had his eyes and mind opened to a "whole new world". Bill said it was amazing and you have definitely inspired him.

Bill said you are good, lovely people (of course!) and felt much gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge. Clearly, Bill was inspired by you both and he wanted me to pass on his sincere appreciation.

Thank you, on behalf of

Bill Barnhill

From Marjatta Salonen

Dear Willy and Gabriele,

Many thanks for the wonderful seminar you held in Wagga Wagga. I was privileged to be able to meet you. I think you are very special people whose work is uplifting the energies of all life.
Your collaboration with each other was excellent and the information shared complimented each other. I was fascinated by the theoretical aspects provided by Willy and the practical demonstration by Gabriele. I have been feeling great since the conference.

Australia is a better place upon your arrival to this beautiful and spiritual country.

Warm thanks & appreciation

Marjatta Salonen

From Rosemary Gaussen and Howard Miller

Dear Willy and Gabriele

We can't thank you enough for deciding to come and stay with us. It has been a wonderful few days being in your company and sharing our lives with you. Know that you will always be welcome.

Your seminars were interesting and informative - though they left me with a sense of frustration of wanting to learn more.

We were privileged to have Willy take us through some of the science and introduce us to those extraordinary minds.

The two days were interspersed with Gabriele doing evaluations. It was very interesting to watch her work through the evaluation and re-evaluation, and also to hear comments from the subjects of the evaluations.

The weekend that Willy and Gabriele offer is invaluable in assisting participants to better to improve the quality of life for all living things.

We look forward to future contact with Willy and Gabrielle as do all who attended the two events.

With love and gratitude

Howard and Rosemary

From Megan Flint

Dear Willy and Gabriele,

Just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed your recent seminar, Wagga Australia. The seminar content was very informative, helpful, interesting and inspiring……..and fun!

I also liked the opportunity to discuss particular areas of interest as they arose and the welcoming of questions throughout. Your great teachings, the people and the location all helped make the whole weekend an experience which I will always value.
Thank you so much for all your efforts, sincerity, wisdom and valuable knowledge and last but not least travelling so far to make it possible!

I hope we all helped in some way to make it an enjoyable occasion and a particularly Australian one for you both also…..:)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here and look forward to talking/ seeing you both again soon!

Love and hugs,


From Karyn Burge

Dear Willy and Gabriele,

I want to sincerely thank you both for coming to this part of the world (inland rural Australia) to share so much largely unknown, but extremely important background knowledge and understanding.

Of course it is not just this amazing knowledge, but also, and even more importantly, it is what you bring personally to your teaching because of the special caliber of people that you are. You are both such beautiful models for us all because you are genuinely warm, unpretentious, intelligent people of enormous integrity, motivated not by what you can get, but what you can contribute and guided by Insight and Awareness. Truly great teachers are great not just for what they say, but for the life they live - you are great teachers!

So Willy and Gabriele, I sincerely thank you with heart-felt gratitude for so generously sharing so very much. I am very fortunate to have had the pleasure of being with you and learning from you over these last few days and very much hope to have the opportunity to attend any seminars with you in the future.



From Dr. Daniel Taylor

Hi Willy and Gabriel,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful and informative lectures you gave us in Melbourne, Australia!

I have studied with many different teachers around the world and used many different instruments. Your knowledge and skills and the way you communicated them to us was fantastic.

Your grasp of the science and physics involved in this amazing tool to help others is astounding. Your class went far beyond my expectations for what I thought I would be receiving on the weekend. I learned so much and in such depths of understanding.

If I had been able to shrink you both down and put you in my pocket I would have just to have you near for your kindness of Spirit and your willingness to give so much of yourselves to others. You both are truly a joy to be with and I hope to see you both again soon. Thank you... from my heart to yours...



From Carl Bischoff

Hi Willy

I was really blessed to spend a few days with Willy and Gabriele in Melbourne.
Willy provided technical info and background, with Gabriele giving practical hands on demonstrations. The sessions and knowledge passed were fantastic and gave further depth to my understanding of Informational Field Communication. I highly recommend anyone who can attend a seminar with these 2, to do so ASAP.
It truly was a pleasure to spend time with you in Melbourne. I do hope you can come back ASAP.


Carl Bischoff - Noosa Australia

From Helen Connor

Dear Willy and Gabrielle,

I am writing to thank you for making the effort to come to Australia. It was wonderful to meet you.

Thanks to you both I have a much better understanding of what Informational Field Communication is all about. I feel so much more confident in using the system. It has given me a new outlook on life and possibilities and a desire to know more and research more. Thank you both once again and I look forward to seeing you at the next course in Australia.

Warm regards,

Helen Connor Melbourne

From Toni Fisher

Dear Willy and Gabrielle,

Thanks for an illuminating course. I really appreciated the good humor and the comprehensive and logical explanations of 'quantum theory' as it pertains to our understanding. Such a huge subject was presented with a clarity I have not had before - it has encouraged me to study some of the major concepts in more depth.
The case studies were also fascinating and they were also presented with compassion and intelligent inquiry! Amazing! I highly recommend this coaching!

Thanks again,

Toni Fisher

United States

From Teryl and Claudia Chapel

Dear Willy and Gabrielle,

Wow, where do I start?....... Okay, first, Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU, for travelling all this way to bring your knowledge, insight, and passion for exploring the information fields so those of us attending your training and coaching here in Laguna Beach!

Willy, your sharing of the science and principles on which the systems are built has opened me to a much greater awareness of what is available and shown me how to access the appropriate information and remedies from a place of conscious confidence.

You delivered the information with authority and humor in a way that made it palatable and digestible for me! It was like enjoying a fantastic meal which left me feeling satisfied while anticipating with pleasure the next one!

Gabriele, I was very touched by your Kindness and Loving Generosity as you said yes to whatever was presented to you and through your guidance,

I learned how to engage in a much deeper and more meaningful dialogue with the information fields which again gives me greater confidence in helping my clients achieve their desired outcomes in a meaningful and efficient way.

Please come back soon!

With much Love and Affection,

Teryl Chapel

From Andrea Kennedy

Dear Willy and Gabriele,

Thank you so much for your incredible training. It far surpassed my expectations. It was not only educational and so helpful for my practice with the information fields, but it was also unexpectedly a consciousness-raising and personally transformational experience!

I so appreciated the two of you as a team - a great balance between science and spiritual connection. It made for a very full and holistic seminar experience that was satisfying for me on both mental and spiritual levels.

Willy, I love your Presence, humor, sweetness and bright open heart! Gabriele, I love your passion, clarity and warmth, your lovingness was felt by all I'm sure!!
You put together the seminar is such a balanced way, you always had my interest (times I got tired was just from lack of sleep, not from lack of intrigue!) I didn't want to miss a minute of the seminar! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

You both did such an amazing job integrating and connecting all the information.

Love, Light and Infinite Blessings,

Andrea Kennedy

From Jack Dea

Dear Willy and Gabriele,

Thank you for email and the wonderful class.

I was very pleased to attend such an informative course. I learned a tremendous amount of information. Willy is a true master of the art of information field communication.

I enjoyed the rigor and mathematical treatment by Willy. There are also information concerning many outstanding minds that are not known in the West especially Russians experts.

I also enjoyed Gabriele's diagnostics for a number of us, including myself. I find the diagnostic for myself quite accurate and have helped me to zoom in on the path of self exploration.

Gabriele gave the class a treatment for abundance and wealth. As I was driving home I notice that there is an opening around my head. It felt like abundance opening up. I am surprise that abundance can be felt around the head.
Overall, I got a lot out of the class. Please accept my thanks and gratitude!


Jack Dea

From Marshall Hornstein

This past weekend's Seminar in Laguna Beach surpassed all expectations.
Willy and Gabriel are beautiful people.

Willy De Maeyer is a scientist and a true expert in information fields and all of its related fields including the Quantum field. Dr. De Maeyer communicated in a passionate and wonderfully open hearted way, an understanding of information field communication founded in his own extensive experience, as well as in the works of many ahead-of-their time eastern and western European Quantum researchers and mathematicians.

And Gabriele, sweet, and bubbly, and heart centered, taught us via demonstration, the use of the System in her particular manner. Needless to say, it was a fascinating and highly pleasurable weekend. The fact that the seminar was held in one of California's most beautiful by-the-ocean coastal towns was icing on a very tasty cake.

Marshall Hornstein

From Dr. Reza Ghassemlou

Dear Willy and Gabrielle

After attending your weekend seminar here in Los Angeles, by the way of your explanations in regards to multi dimensions and informational level helped me to work more ease and understanding and being able to convey the information to others much easier than before.

Thank you so much hope seeing you soon.

Dr.Reza Ghassemlou
Los Angeles, USA

From Paige Clarke

Dear Willy and Gabriele

I want to thank you both from the depth of my heart for the opportunity to learn from you in lovely Laguna Beach.

Your "true sweet souls" shone through as you shared the science and technology of informational field communication. But more importantly you demonstrated the loving "intent" of what it means to make a difference in the lives of people and places that need our help.

I look forward to learning once again at the Advanced Seminar in the coming months. (Perhaps in Florida)

Best wishes for safe travels until we meet again!


Paige Clarke

From Julia Weinberg

Very dear Willy and Gabriele

Please receive my sincere thanks for a most wonderfully informative seminar. So much valuable information. What especially reverberates is the clarity with which the dimensional levels were explained and most especially "GAB." God Aleine Bekannt - along with the heavenly energies.

Hope you will be back again soon. Thank you also for the wonderful work you are doing in agriculture.

God's blessings to you, Julia

From Linda Penny

Dear Willy

Thank you for a most informative and interesting weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar in Laguna and feel I have gained so much more knowledge about my field.
I am now using my system with even more enthusiasm than I had before!

Loved both you and Gabrielle.... what beautiful people you are....and such fun!
Please keep me informed of any other courses.

Thank you once again

Kindest thoughts


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